Words spoke aloud change mood.

“Want your happiness to grow? Think as a gardener. Words spoken aloud change mood, proven fact. Try it!” Bill Chesnut, MD. 

Happiness is creatable every day. Words spoke out loud, exercises, appreciation, mindfulness all work with a little practice.

Cleveland Clinic Wellness newsletter_November 15, 2015
Instead of the casino approach to happiness, which relies on Lady Luck — try the gardener’s methods.

Cultivate your soil. Just as plants need nourishing soil to grown in, so too does happiness. Think of your daily habits as your “soil.” Too much work and stress, and not enough sleep and exercise, deplete it. Nourish your soil with nutritious foods, daily exercise, relaxation, quality sleep, and time for friends — a pro-happiness environment.

Plant the right seeds. “Planting seeds of happiness takes intention, but it works,” says Jane Ehrman, Med, Cleveland Clinic behavioral health specialist. When something positive happens — anything from noticing a beautiful sunset to being offered a job you want — bask in the feeling for 20 to 30 seconds. That’s how long it takes to start to rewire your brain — or plant more seeds. “When you’re faced with something difficult, deal with it, but then focus on the positive facts within the situation,” Ehrman says.

Water and sun. Daily meditation and a few morning sun salutations will help your happiness garden thrive. Get plenty of actual sunshine and water, too!