Having social support is critical for good health.

“Having social support is critical for good health. Think of how few healthy people you know who have no social support.” Bill Chesnut, MD

Loneliness: How to Give It the Old Heave-Ho

Set Your Intentions
1. At the start of your day, sit quietly and center yourself with your breath. 
2. Choose the qualities you will live out today. For example: Being open-minded, courageous or friendly, or being a compassionate leader or team player.
3. Privately state your intention for the day. For example: “I bring the best in me to all whom I encounter and to all my efforts.” Now, imagine engaging with others and notice how it feels. 
4. Check in with yourself throughout the day; write a word or two on a sticky note to remind you of your intentions. 

How will you approach the day? Remember that what we think, we become. What we repeatedly say to ourselves becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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