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Orthopedic Surgeon - Bill ChesnutI am an orthopedic surgeon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I just retired and  use my time to share the incredible medical advances occurring every day.  There are 230 articles posted here today.  All of these articles are arranged into 27 categories for your convenience. Start with the list of “categories” on the right side of the home page. For the newest posts, click on The Latest Health News. You can sign up for a newsletter that tells you when I post new articles, about once a month.

I also offer orthopedic surgery opinions to attorneys and adjusters, as noted on the home page.

The Internet allows specialists to gather much more  timely information in their field. I enjoy following general medicine, such as one article with a video of how to best take your blood pressure. Another article explains why you should record your blood pressure readings. I post new articles frequently and plan to remove old articles if there are new developments.

I love sharing this information and include a short introduction to help perspective. I receive publications from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, the Journal of the American Association, the Cleveland Clinic Wellness newsletter, the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery Advances and other sources if their quality is worthy.

These articles are for your interest and information. I do not imply agreement or disagreement with the conclusions. I present the science and you can decide if the research described proves the hypothesis they tested to your satisfaction.

I hope you enjoy these selected reports. May they be a blessing to you, your family or someone you know!

Bill Chesnut, MD
April 28, 2015.