Blood test helps measure women’s ovarian reserve

“News I did not know. Using AMH blood levels to monitor ovary productivity makes sense considering the risk/benefit ratio. For career minded or later married couples having this information will be helpful. Here is more information from a non-profit website. “ Bill Chesnut, MD.

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Blood test helps measure women’s ovarian reserve _AMA Wire newsletter March 31, 2016.

NBC Nightly News (3/30, story 10, 2:00, Holt) reported, “It’s a question that can keep many women up at night, whether there’s still enough time to have a baby, but now more women are using an easy test that can take all the guesswork out of how much time is left on their biological clocks.” NBC News correspondent Janet Shamlian explained that “a simple blood test” with the nickname of “the baby deadline test is like a checkup for the ovaries.” The test “used to be for women already struggling to get pregnant,” but is “now being used to predict infertility problems.”

The NBC News (3/31, Dunn, Deo) website reports that the official name of the test is “the Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) test.” Some physicians “are now offering it as an option to healthy women to assess what they call their ovarian reserve.” The test, which “usually costs less than $100,” is a measure of AMH “circulating in a woman’s bloodstream” and “predicts the amount of possible eggs a woman has.”