Using earplugs when listening to live music

“Have you noticed the volume of soundtracks in movie theaters? The noise of most projected movies now causes me to wear earplugs throughout. With plugs in, I still hear the audio plainly.  The movie is just as good and more comfortable if I wait for it to be online and listen to it at home. “  Bill Chesnut, MD

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Study recommends using earplugs when listening to live music _AMA Morning Rounds April 8, 2016.

On its website, CBS News (4/7, Welch) reports a new study (4/8) published Thursday in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery recommends wearing earplugs when listening to live music. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the prevalence of hearing loss in US adolescents jumped 31 percent between 1998 and 2006. A major contributor to this trend “is the increase in exposure to recreational noise, including loud music at venues like concerts, music festivals, and night clubs.”

On its website, CNN (4/7, Manella) adds that researchers assigned 25 attendees of an Amsterdam outdoor music festival to wear silicone earplugs and 26 to not wear them. The time-averaged sound pressure level during the festival was 100 decibels. They took a baseline hearing test before the concert and immediately afterwards to determine if there was a loss in hearing. Researchers then found “that the group wearing earplugs had a temporary shift in hearing of 8%, while the group without earplugs had” a temporary shift of 42 percent. They also found that “people who wore earplugs had a lower percentage of tinnitus following sound exposure, 12% compared with 40% in the unprotected group.”