“Tune out” to stay sharp!

“My experience strongly recommends turning off the screens to be happy and interesting. Ophthalmologists now describe “flat eyeballs” from looking at a screen too many hours a day. Look it up. It’s true.” Bill Chesnut, MD

Tune out to stay sharp! Replace screen time with brain-building activities.

Cleveland Clinic_November 3, 2015
Screen time spawns plenty of hand wringing among parents, but the less-is-more wisdom applies to people well beyond the Sesame Street set. Recent research found that young adults who watched four or more hours of television daily scored lower on cognitive tests in middle age, which can set the stage for conditions such as Alzheimer’s down the road. It may be less of a “this is your brain on screens” effect, and more about what you’re not doing. Whatever your age, staying active — both above the shoulders and below — is critical for brain health. Try crowding out your usual screen time with activities — emphasis on active — that get your neurons firing: a morning walk, a family hike, a good laugh with an old friend, or a dance class with someone you love. And beware of bedtime screen seduction. (It’s never as good as the real thing anyway!) Quality sleep is critical for your brain; it essentially detoxifies your noggin while you snooze!
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