The USPSTF recommends physicians routinely screen teens for depression.

“This advisory panel is giving good advice.  There are more articles In this site  about depression. It is most effectively corrected by therapy in the young. Depression affects a large % of the population, depending on the age cohort. When you see or live with young people who are acting out or unusual, look up a depression screen and see if there may be an underlying depression showing as misbehaviors.” Bill Chesnut, MD.

“The USPSTF recommends physicians routinely screen teens for depression.

AMA Wire 2.9.16.

The Los Angeles Times (2/8, Healy) “Science Now” blog reports that yesterday, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) “recommended that physicians routinely screen children between 12 and 18 for depression and have systems in place either to diagnose, treat and monitor those who screen positive or to refer them to specialists who can.” The USPSTF’s recommendations now “bring depression screening for adolescents into line with recently issued depression-screening recommendations that apply to adults.”

According to CNN (2/8, Storrs), the USPSTF has decided that “for children younger than 12, there is not enough evidence around which tests work and which treatments are effective to recommend that doctors screen all individuals in this age group.” For children 12 and older, the USPSTF supports “the use of antidepressant medication for treating adolescents who have depression,” in addition to cognitive behavioral therapy or a combination of CBT and medication. Therecommendations were published online in the Annals of Internal Medicine.