Study explores impact of vegetable oil on heart health

“This study is full of surprises. There is much to learn by reviewing the data of previous research published to find new interpretations of the same data. The new interpretations may relate to new science since the original recommendations were made.” Bill Chesnut. MD.

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Study explores impact of vegetable oil on heart health _ AMA Morning Rounds April 13, 2016.

TIME (4/12, Park) reports that in a study published in the British Medical Journal, investigators who “re-analyzed data from older unpublished studies” found “that it’s possible that too much vegetable oil could actually increase the risk of heart disease – rather than decrease it.” Researchers “delved into the data from the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, conducted from 1968 to 1973.” The investigators “learned that only part of the trial’s results were published, and other data, suggesting the contrary idea that switching animal fats for vegetable fats didn’t protect the heart, was left out.”

On its website, NBC News (4/12, Fernstrom) reports that the researchers “found no association between lower cholesterol levels and longer life, suggesting that reducing the amount of saturated fat in the diet isn’t enough to reduce risk of death from heart disease.”

CBS News (4/12, Marcus) reports on its website that “curiously, participants who experienced a greater reduction in blood cholesterol actually had a higher risk of death.”