Sleep quality improvement with hormone replacement therapy

Sleep disturbance symptoms are common in post menopause hormone deprivation. This paragraph is a brief post of research being done showing improvement of sleep function with hormone replacement. I am referring to this as an area you may wish to investigate further. Bill Chesnut, MD

 Journal of Sleep Research

Volume 12Issue 3pages 239–254September 2003

In the open-label phase, subjective sleep quality improved further, significantly in the former regimen A group. Awakening quality, somatic complaints and morning thymopsyche did not yield any significant findings. Concerning morning noopsychic performance, memory improved significantly after regimen A compared with baseline, fine motor activity after regimen EV. Reaction time performance increased with all three compounds. In conclusion, Climodien [estradiol and progesterone] significantly improved subjective sleep quality, the apnea and apnea–hypopnea indices of insomniac postmenopausal syndrome patients, while it only marginally improved variables concerning objective sleep and awakening quality.