Seniors who work longer are healthier ??

“Ok, this report examines demographic data of senior people, =>65 years of age who continue to work, 83,000 total records analyzed. My goal is to introduce to you the biases in some types of medical research of computers analyze enormous piles of data. Does common sense say this study proved these working seniors are healthier? It is based on self-reporting of patients statements about their health. Nope, not proven. This study shows that the unemployed or retired self-reported their assessment of their health as poor or fail. “ Bill Chesnut, MD

Health and retirement. “Seniors who work longer are healthier, study suggests.”

The Los Angeles Times (9/25, Kaplan) reports a recent study concluded that seniors who keep working are healthier than those who are retired. “Researchers from the University of Miami and their colleagues examined data on more than 83,000 Americans,” all of who “were at least 65 years old when they were interviewed, and 13% of them were still working part time or full time,” according to the LA Times. Of those still working, 61% held white-collar jobs. The study found that “compared to people with white-collar jobs, those who were unemployed or retired were 2.75 times more likely to report their health as ‘poor’ or ‘fair.’”

AMA newsletter 9.26.15