Run for your mind, stay smart longer.

“Run for your mind, stay smart longer. We all underestimate the ability of our mind to grow especially if it has years to accumulate experience.” Bill Chesnut, MD
Think on this: Running improves learning and memory, among many other benefits.
We love how researchers keep learning more about why exercise needs to be a priority for everyone. Take the latest news about running, for example. You may already know that running has a host of health benefits: It reduces your risk of certain cancers and protects against heart disease; increases bone mass and helps slow age-related bone loss; helps prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes; adds years to your life; and improves mood, focus and clarity. Well, new research shows that running also enhances the development of new brain cells in the adult brain, resulting in improved learning and memory. Pretty impressive for an exercise that requires just a comfortable pair of sneakers and some motivation! Before you lace up your shoes and head out to log some miles, though, be sure your body is ready. If you think you may be at risk for heart disease, or if you have been having chest pains, light-headedness or shortness of breath, please be evaluated by your primary care provider or cardiologist before you hit the track.

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Newsletter, February 3, 2016.