Menopausal hot flashes decrease with evercise.

“Exercise during menopause to stay cool is a good idea for many reasons. Without hormone replacement, menopausal women lose 25% of their total bone mass by age 60. That is a strong reason for exercise, calcium, checking your Vit D level to be sure you are around 50 ng/dl and staying current on available safe hormone replacement. Talk to a medical provider who has interest and is current in hormone replacement therapy. “ Bill Chesnut, MD.
Keep your cool during menopause — with exercise!____Cleveland Clinic Wellness newsletter March 2, 2016.
Call it a paradox, but getting sweaty can help you stay cool as a cucumber — in more ways than one! Not only can regular exercise help you manage stress, but in addition, if you’re going through menopause, it can help keep you cool literally. In a large population study, physically active women experienced fewer hot flashes and other uncomfortable symptoms than their more sedentary counterparts. And because “the change” is sometimes accompanied by weight gain, menopausal women may be especially responsive to the effects of exercise. One study showed that light exercise, such as casual walking and yard work, improved the body composition of menopausal women more than that of premenopausal women. (Take that, twentysomethings!) If you’re planning to start an exercise routine from scratch, clear it with your doctor, and choose your inspirational slogans carefully. To avoid injury or burnout, think “slow and steady” rather than “just do it.” Start with a 10-minute walk once a day, and increase by a couple of minutes every few weeks, with a goal of 30 minutes daily. And remember to include moves for balance, flexibility, and resistance, all valuable aspects of your health and fitness.
Cleveland Clinic Wellness Newsletter_ March 2, 2016