L-Theanine Tea to Reduce Stress.

“Yes, tea can release stress.  I enjoy the Celestial teas made in Denver.  They have an excellent herb tea for relaxation.” Bill Chesnut, MD

L-Theanine: A Tea-riffic Way to Reduce Stress,   Cleveland Clinic Wellness newsletter 1.29.16

L-theanine, a water-soluble amino acid, is found mainly in green and black tea. It has demonstrated benefit for patients diagnosed with anxiety by increasing levels of dopamine and GABA in the brain.

ADVISORY: L-theanine should be used only under a doctor’s supervision if you are taking drugs for chemotherapy. Do not take L-theanine with cholesterol lowering medications.

CONCLUSION: We conclude that L-theanine is a safe and effective way to help treat anxiety and improve concentration. We prefer drinking the tea leaves naturally to taking the supplement.