Keep your brain sharp on the road ahead by moving your body now

“Going to the gymnasium every day has surprising benefits.  Your metabolism rate is higher, you have more energy, your balance improves and you may retain more IQ points in the coming years.” Bill Chesnut, MD 

This is from the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Newsletter January 25, 2016.

Keep your brain sharp on the road ahead by moving your body now.
“Use it or lose it” may have more than just one meaning. Staying physically fit doesn’t keep only your body strong, flexible and resilient. It may do the same thing for your brain. Research has linked cardiovascular fitness to both long-term memory and executive function — your inner CEO, the part of your brain that helps you reason, plan and prioritize. Scientists recently mapped brain activity in older men engaged in tests of attention and quick decision-making, and they found that the brains of the most aerobically fit functioned most like the brains of younger men. You don’t have to run marathons to reach the mental fountain of youth. Pick your favorite moderate-intensity activity — walking, swimming, dancing or biking — and do it for half an hour on most days of the week. It looks like we need to schedule exercise the way we plan for any important gathering, celebration or meeting. It‘s an investment in your future health, below the shoulders and above! Visit our Healthy Brains Initiative to learn more about how to stay sharp as you age.

Cleveland Clinic 1.25.16