Heart disease undertreated, underdiagnosed in women

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Group says heart disease undertreated, underdiagnosed in women!

 NBC Nightly News (1/25, story 8, 2:00, Holt) reported that an American Heart Association report “says heart disease remains undertreated and underdiagnosed in women.”

The Washington Post (1/25, Dennis) reports in “To Your Health” that “because the causes and symptoms of heart attacks can be strikingly different between the sexes, women are more vulnerable to slower diagnosis and inadequate treatment, according to” the “scientific statement published” in Circulation.

TIME (1/25, Sifferlin) reports that “women are also underrepresented in clinical trials for heart disease, the authors note.” Only about one-fifth of participants enrolled are women, “and even when women are included in trials, researchers often do not parse out the gender-specific data that could deepen scientists’ understanding of how the disease affects women.”

The CBS News (1/25, Marcus) website reports that the statement “also says black and Hispanic women are even more at risk for heart attacks and have poorer outcomes when they do have one.”