A dazzling way to be a kinder person.

“The power of feeling the “awe” emotion does change a mood. Recently published studies of human interleukin 6 levels show feeling “awe” lowers our level of a harmful inflammatory compound. Do an internet search for “interleukin 6 and stress for significant associations with heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, obesity, and mood disturbance, to name a few.  https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=interleukin+6+and+stress&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiUuqyYiuLKAhUC5WMKHRs9CD0QgQMIGzAA

Take mood control and manipulation for better emotional states seriously!” Bill Chesnut, MD.

Some kind of wonderful: Experience awe-inspiring moments to become more benevolent.     Cleveland Clinic Wellness newsletter September 9, 2015.

When was the last time you were dazzled and amazed? If it has been a while, add a trip to the woods, beach, symphony, or art museum to your calendar. You’re not the only one who will benefit; the people around you will too. Besides making you feel relaxed and happy, the awe-inspiring wonders found in nature, music and art make you a kinder person. Feelings of awe tend to make people more generous, helpful and cooperative, according to numerous studies. Exactly how sequoia trees and Picasso make you a kinder person is unknown, but it may be that being surrounded by greatness and beauty — something bigger than yourself — helps you transcend self-centered forces within. Your own awe-inspiring moments don’t have to be at Yosemite or the Cleveland Orchestra. Surround yourself with whatever beauty you can, and change things up: hiking trails, botanical gardens, museums, and the classical music station will all leave you wonderstruck. Get the whole family involved, and let the good vibes roll.