Exercise linked to reduced risk of several cancers

“I love any article that says I can do something to decrease the risk of cancer. The researchers pooled data from 12 prospective US and European cohorts (baseline 1987-2004). They used self-reported exercise level in Leisure-Time Physical Activity With Risk of 26 Types of Cancer in 1.44 Million Adults.” Bill Chesnut, MD

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Exercise linked to reduced risk of several cancers

ABC World News Tonight (5/16, story 11, 0:25, Muir) reported, “The National Cancer Institute confirms that moderate exercise, all the way up to intense exercise, lowers the risk of” cancer “in many forms.”

The Los Angeles Times (5/16, Healy) reports that the research, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggests “exercise is a powerful cancer-preventive.” Investigators found that “physical activity worked to drive down rates of a broad array of cancers even among smokers, former smokers, and the overweight and obese.”

US News & World Report (5/16, Esposito) reports that investigators “analyzed data from participants in 12 US and European study groups who self-reported their physical activity between 1987 and 2004.” The researchers “looked at the incidence of 26 kinds of cancer occurring in the study follow-up period, which lasted 11 years on average.” The data indicated that “overall, a higher level of activity was tied to a 7 percent lower risk of developing any type of cancer.”

TIME (5/16, Park) reports that “the reduced risk was especially striking for 13 types of cancers.” Individuals “who were more active had on average a 20% lower risk of cancers of the esophagus, lung, kidney, stomach, endometrium and others compared with people who were less active.” Meanwhile, “the reduction was slightly lower for colon, bladder, and breast cancers.”

AMA News 5.17.16