Daily glass of red wine may help improve metabolic health in people with type two diabetes.

“The AMA newsletter reports research in a prestigious medical journal about type two diabetes and red wine.”  Bill Chesnut, MD

Daily glass of red wine may help improve metabolic health in people with T2D

ABC World News (10/12, story 10, 0:25, Muir) reported, “Red wine could be healthy for those with type 2 diabetes.” Israeli researchers report that “one glass of red wine in the evening increased good cholesterol in diabetes patients by about 10 percent, this compared to those who drank white wine or water.”

The Los Angeles Times (10/13, Healy) reports in “Science Now” that according to the 224-participant study published online Oct. 12 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, “red wine drinkers also saw improvements in their apolipoprotein a1 levels,” and, “compared with study participants who drank mineral water nightly and those who had a glass of white wine,” people with type 2 diabetes (T2D) “who drank a glass of red wine nightly also had fewer symptoms of metabolic syndrome (hypertension, excess abdominal fat, high blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol levels) at the end of two years.” Notably, all study participants “maintained a Mediterranean-style diet” throughout the study, and the amount of wine consumed, which was “no more than a single five-ounce serving per day,” was enjoyed with a meal.

TIME (10/13, Oaklander) points out that study participants “who drank either red or white wine also reported better sleep quality than the group that drank water, and the researchers found no significant adverse effects with any group.”

AMA News, October, 2015.