A new remedy for hot flashes

“_ A new hot flash aid from the Cleveland Clinic.” Bill Chesnut, MD.

Menopause Hot flashes. ” Chill out! A new remedy for hot flashes is right under your nose.”

Feeling like a human inferno these days? For a hot-flash remedy that’s supremely safe, readily accessible, and free, take a deep breath. And another one. Practicing what’s called paced breathing — slow, deliberate, deep breathing — for 15 minutes twice a day may reduce both the intensity and frequency of hot flashes. To practice paced breathing, set a timer for 15 minutes. Lie on your back and make yourself comfortable. Slowly start to relax the muscles in your legs, hips, belly, chest, arms and neck. Start to bring attention to your breath, feeling yourself relax from the inside out. As you relax, inhale and allow your belly to rise; then slowly exhale and allow your belly to fall. Notice the pace of your breath slowing as you relax. Continue until the timer rings. Other natural strategies that may squelch the flames of hot flashes include: acupuncture, caffeine reduction, and mindfulness meditation.